For each of the following select the correct answer.
There is only ONE correct choice for each question.
  • 1/10 @ B-20. Pulling guard A66 leads the blocking for A34 around the right end on a sweep play. At the B-12, B88 blocks A66 low and from the front to allow his teammates to attempt to tackle A34. A34 crosses the goal line for a touchdown.

    1. 1/Goal @ B-6. Enforce the penalty for BBW from the spot of the foul.
    2. Touchdown. Try @ B-3. B88’s block is legal.
    3. Touchdown. Enforce the penalty for BBW on the try, succeeding kickoff, or succeeding pot in extra periods.
    4. Touchdown. Try @ B-3. Penalty is declined by rule.
  • 2/12 @ B-47. A17’s throws a pass to A88 who catches it and runs to the B-33 before being tackled. While running his pattern A88, without contact by a team B player, stepped on the sideline at the B-40 and then returned inbounds. B99 was lined up in the NZ at the snap.

    1. 2/7 @ B-42, Snap. Enforce the penalty for offside from the previous spot. By rule, A17’s pass is incomplete.
    2. 1/10 @ B-28, Ready. Enforce the penalty for offside at the succeeding spot. By rule, A17’s pass is incomplete.
    3. 3/12 @ B-47, Ready. Fouls offset but loss-of-down provision is enforced.
    4. 2/12 @ B-47, Ready. Illegal touching and offside fouls offset.
  • 2/Goal @ B-5. Score is A24-B28. Team A has no timeouts and the clock is running with 0:18 in the 4th Qtr. A33 takes a handoff and runs to the B-2 where he is downed. In trying to quickly un-pile, A67 and B90 inadvertently bump into each other. A67 takes exception to the contact and shoves B90 to the ground. The umpire throws his flag for UNS on A67. The clock reads 0:08 when the foul is called.

    1. 3/Goal @ B-17. Ten second subtraction (0:00). However, extend the game for an untimed down.
    2. Team B will accept the penalty and the 10-second subtraction (0:00). Game over. Team B wins.
    3. 2/Goal @ B-17. 10-second subtraction (0:00). However, extend the game for an untimed down.
    4. 3/Goal @ B-17, Ready. No 10-second subtraction (0:08) as the infraction was a dead ball foul.
  • 3/9 @ A-6. Score is A27-B21, 4th Qtr. The game clock reads (0:20). A17 drops straight back in the tackle box and while under pressure in the EZ, throws the ball into an area where there are no eligible receivers.

    1. 4/12 @ A-3, Snap, 10-second subtraction option.
    2. Safety, 2 points for team B. 10-second subtraction is required.
    3. 4/9 @ A-6, snap. Penalty declined. Therefore, no option for a 10-second subtraction.
    4. Safety, 2 points for team B. No 10-second subtraction option.
  • 4/8 @ B-42. A5’s punt is blocked and rolling on the ground at the B-45 when it is muffed forward to the B-35 by several players in an attempt to recover it. A44 then intentionally kicks the ball, which goes OOB at the B-25.

    1. A, 4/18 @ A-48. Previous spot enforcement.
    2. B, 1/10 @ A-48. Previous spot enforcement plus loss-of-down.
    3. B, 1/10 @ B-35. Spot of illegal touching.
    4. a & c are both valid options.
  • 3/9 @ A-6. A85 enters the field to replace A44. As A85 comes into the formation, A44 realizes that he needs to leave the field. The referee holds the CJ for 3 seconds to see if B will substitute, but they do not. In the meantime, A44, who is two yards deep in the EZ, turns and runs laterally towards his team sideline. He crosses the side boundary line while still in the EZ and touches the ground OOB prior to the snap. RB A40 rushes to the A-16 where he is tackled.

    1. Illegal substitution. 3/12 @ A-3. Previous spot enforcement.
    2. Illegal substitution. 3/4 @ A-11. Enforce penalty from the end of the run.
    3. Illegal substitution. Safety, award 2 points for team B. Spot of the foul is behind the goal line.
    4. Legal substitution. 1/10 @ A-16.
  • 2/8 @ A-32. A34 takes a handoff and heads on a sweep to the left. B99 trips A34 at the A-25, but A34 maintains his balance and advances to the A-45 before running OOB.

    1. Tripping penalty accepted. 1/10 @ B-40.
    2. No foul for tripping. 1/10 @ A-45.
    3. Tripping penalty accepted. 1/10 @ A-47.
    4. Tripping penalty declined. 1/10 @ A-45.
  • 2/8 @ B-18. Score is A14-B20, 1:10 on the game clock. A17 in position to receive a hand-to-hand snap. The snap is muffed by A17 who quickly recovers the ball at the B-20. He immediately throws it forward and to the ground with the game clock reading 1:05.

    1. 2/13 @ B-23, Snap.
    2. 3/13 @ B-23, Snap.
    3. 3/10 @ B-20, Ready.
    4. 2/10 @ B-20, Ready.
  • 4/9 @ B-14. First possession series, second extra period. A17’s pass is intercepted by B44 and during his return, A85 tackles him by the face mask at the A-20. Out of frustration, B44 jumps up and throws the ball at A85. When the ball was snapped, B99 was lined up in the NZ.

    1. B, 1/10 @ B-40.
    2. B, 1/10 @ B-25.
    3. A, 4/2 @ B-7.
    4. A, 1/Goal @ B-7.
  • 4/6 @ A-44. The ball is snapped to punter A5 who is standing at the A-30. A5’s kick is blocked, does not cross the NZ, and the ball is rolling on the ground at the A-25 when A5 kicks the loose ball backwards. The ball goes OOB at the A-20.

    1. B, 1/Goal @ A-10.
    2. A, 4/35 @ A-15.
    3. A, 4/16 @ A-34.
    4. B, 1/10 @ A-15.