For each of the following select the correct answer.
There is only ONE correct choice for each question.
  • 1/10 @ A-30. 4th Qtr, 2:10 on the game clock. Score is A23-B17. A34 takes a handoff and runs around the right end. After gaining yardage for a first down he slides to the ground inbounds at the A-43 with 1:58 on the clock. During the run A67 was flagged for holding at the A-30.

    1. 1/20 @ A-20, Ready (no option).
    2. 1/20 @ A-20, Snap (no option).
    3. 1/20 @ A-20, Ready or Snap (Team A’s option).
    4. 1/20 @ A-20, Ready or Snap (Team B’s option).
  • 3/7 @ B-33. During A34’s off-tackle run to the right, LG A66 fires out and blocks LB B54 at the B-28. The contact is made from the side and below the thigh area. When the block was executed, the ball was inside the tackle box. A34 is tackled at the B-25.

    1. 3/14 @ B-40. Illegal BBW.
    2. 3/17 @ B-43. Illegal BBW.
    3. 1/10 @ B-25. No foul.
    4. 3/22 @ B-48. Illegal BBW.
  • 2/10 @ B-40. Team A is lined up in an unbalanced formation with LT tackle A79 uncovered on the left end of the line and in a 3-point stance. Once all 11 team A players have been set for a full second, tail back A33 goes in motion to his right and stops 2-yards outside of the TE A85. A79 then breaks his 3-point stance and slowly moves to his left, flexing 3 yards towards the sideline. After all team A players are set, A17 takes the snap and throws a quick slant pass to A85 who is tackled at the B-35.

    1. 2/15 @ B-45. Dead ball foul.
    2. 2/15 @ B-45. Live ball foul.
    3. 2/5 @ B-35. Legal play.
    4. 2/10 @ B-40. Live ball foul.
  • **4/7 @ A-43. A5’s punt is caught by B82 at the B-20 and returned to the A-25. During the return, A66 loses his helmet due to a legal block. B99 was lined up in the NZ at the snap. **

    1. A, 4/2 @ A-48, Ready, 25 seconds.
    2. A, 4/2 @ A-48, Ready, 40 seconds.
    3. A, 4/2 @ A-48, Snap, 25 seconds.
    4. A, 4/2 @ A-48, Snap, 40 seconds.
  • 1/10 @ A-35. Back A34 takes a handoff and heads towards the right sideline. As A34 begins to turn upfield, WR A88 who is lined up to right of the formation, turns back towards the ball and blocks B55, who has been focused on A34. WR A88’s block at the A-37 is aggressive and from the side, above the shoulders with extended hands. The contact knocks B55 to the ground. A34 runs OOB at the A-47.

    1. 1/10 @ A-47, Ready. Legal blindside block.
    2. 1/25 @ A-20, Snap. Illegal blindside block.
    3. 1/23 @ A-22, Ready. Illegal blindside block.
    4. 1/13 @ A-32, Snap. Illegal blindside block.
  • 3/10 @ B-40. A17 receives the snap and immediately lets the ball drop to the ground as he moves to his right. RT A79 pulls to his left and picks up the unattended ball that is laying on the ground at the B-42, directly behind the snapper. A79 is able to rumble to the B-25 before being tackled by the temporarily fooled defense.

    1. 4/25 @ A-45. Illegal play.
    2. 3/15 @ B-45. Illegal play.
    3. 1/10 @ B-25. Legal play.
    4. 4/15 @ B-45. Illegal play.
  • 2/5 @ B-20. Second extra period, first possession series. A17’s pass is intercepted by B22 who returns the ball the length of the field for a TD. During B22’s run, the team B coach was out of the coaching box and in the white causing the Line Judge to run around him to avoid contact.

    1. B, 1/10 @ B-40. Score canceled since Team B committed a foul after the interception. Enforce the penalty for sideline interference at the succeeding spot.
    2. Game over, Team B wins. Live-ball foul treated as a dead-ball foul does not cancel a score. Penalty not enforceable.
    3. A, 1/10 @ B-10. Replay the down after enforcement of the penalty at the previous spot for sideline interference.
    4. B, 1/10 @ B-30. Score canceled since Team B committed a foul after the interception. Enforce the penalty for sideline interference at the succeeding spot.
  • 2/7 @ A-43. A17 throws a backward pass from the A-38 towards A87 near the right sideline. A87 muffs the airborne ball at the A-36 which ricochets forward to the A-40 where A60 catches it and runs to the A-45 before being tackled.

    1. 3/25 @ A-31. Foul for redirecting a backward pass forward.
    2. 4/25 @ A-31. Foul for redirecting a backward pass forward.
    3. 3/5 @ A-45. Legal play.
    4. 3/12 @ A-38. Foul for illegal touching by A60.
  • 3/8 @ B-33. A17’s pass is intercepted by B88 at the B-20. B88 returns the ball to the B-40 where he is hit and fumbles. A44 recovers the loose ball and advances to the B-25 before being tackled.

    1. A, 1/10 @ B-25, Ready, 25 seconds.
    2. A, 1/10 @ B-25, Snap, 25 seconds.
    3. A, 1/10 @ B-25, Ready, 40 seconds.
    4. A, 1/10 @ B-25, Snap, 40 seconds.
  • 4/7 @ B-30. Team A is in a scrimmage kick formation to attempt a FG. At the snap B55 runs forward from 3 yards behind the NZ and leaps into the air to attempt to block the kick. When B55 comes down to the ground, he lands on the shoulders of A55. The snap to holder A15 is flipped backwards to potential kicker A5 who then runs to the B-20 before being tackled.

    1. 1/10 @ B-20, Snap. Team A will decline the 5-yard penalty for leaping.
    2. 1/10 @ B-20, Ready. No foul for leaping since there was no FG attempt.
    3. 1/10 @ B-10, Snap. The penalty for leaping is enforced from the end of the run.
    4. 1/10 @ B-15, Ready. The penalty for leaping is enforced from the previous spot.